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Upholstery is an integral component of interior design and decor.
Furniture is as bare without upholstery as a home without any furniture. The term ‘upholstery’ is mainly used in the context of furniture – with seating to be more precise. The word ‘upholstery’ brings to mind the images of webbing, padding, fabric covers and springs.
Upholstery not only covers residential or commercial furniture but also makes the pieces more plush and comfortable to use and protect them from scratches, scrapes and grime. These attributes make upholstery a popular feature in all homes and work spaces across the world and Sydney is no exception to it.
Upholstery is not a recent trend. In fact, it first surfaced in the 18th century when the term itself was coined to denote ‘repairing’ or ‘upholder’ instead of creating something new. In present times, upholstery is used as an all-inclusive term that signifies covering and repairing old furniture as well as creating newer ones.
It includes a variety of materials such as cotton, leather, vinyl, foam and silk too.
Despite its old origin, upholstery is used very commonly to add functionality as well as elegance and protection to modern furniture. In fact, it is believed to lend a highly aesthetic appeal to the interior decor, look and feel of a space.
If you have a favourite couch which has seen better days, do not dump it in the trash yet; simply give it to an expert upholster such as Chaircraft Upholstery and let them restore it back in shape and comfort! What’s more, with the right upholstery experts you can not only re-stuff and recover your old furniture pieces but also change the old style, type and pattern of upholstery for a newer one that complements the overall design scheme of your house and renders the furniture itself a brand new look and feel! 

We Provide comprehensive Upholstery Solutions for:

Commercial and residential furniture ,
Upholstery for hotel and bars - we can provide 24 hours turn over time for public bars and cafes that need furniture returned quickly.
Universities and schools,
Bed heads and matching valance,
Ottomans ,

Outdoor furniture,
Snap Tex wall/Acoustic upholstered wall panels
Made-to-order lounge suites,
Pelmets ,
Banquet seating ,
Boat cushions and covers ,
Loose covers ,
Window seating,
You can also get in touch if you wish to recover existing furniture or are looking for antique restorations, indoor play centre repairs or all repair work on office chairs, dental chairs, Chiropractic/Physiotherapy massage tables.
We ensure that the best material is used for the upholstery or re-upholstery of your furniture, which is why we use superior quality foam, webbing, hessian, springs, piping and cord etc. to lend strength and durability to your furniture pieces and make the upholstery last for years.
We also bring you a wide selection of top grade fabrics for upholstery that range from cotton to leather and vinyl. Our upholstery consultants also help you with the best advice on the choice of colours and blending of patterns to make your furniture and interiors come alive.
We strive to provide our clients with the highest standards of craftsmanship and are readily available to help them make the right decisions.
From covering your sofa, dining chair, cushion,. Bed head, bed base and arm chair to partial or full furniture restoration Sydney, we do it all – and that too, at extremely cost effective rates!
We thrive on customer satisfaction and are here to help you transform your home into a vibrant and aesthetically awe inspiring space with our extraordinary upholstering ideas, products and services.
For a no obligation consultancy, please give us a call today on 1800 704 581
We would love to hear from you! 


What our client think

I called Chaircraft Upholstery regarding my lounge that had been in the family for years and was not able to come to throwing it out. Instead I decided to get it re-upholstered and called around for quotes.

Overall Chaircraft Upholstery was not only the most experienced and had been around for decades, but the service and the price quote I received was just too good to refuse.

My reupholstered lounge is not only the talk of my relatives, but something that will last in our family for generations to come.

Many thanks to Chaircraft.
I have told everyone about your company so I am sure many will also be coming to you for some type of re-upohlstery work.

Thankyou ever so much.


What a remarkable job done by Chaircraft Upholstery.

My clients wanted a new fresh look for their living area but preferred to keep the furniture style and shape however wanted a revamped look after a change of colour for their living room.

Chaircraft Upholstery ......You have outdone yourselves.

My client is so happy with the fabric and the workmanship. I believe she used the words " did you end up buying us a new lounge suite?"

Amazing transformation....

Well Done Chaircraft... Well Done!!